Believe In Yourself

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The Message

As I get older, I become more and more passionate about continuing to spread my “Believe in Yourself” message. I’m referring to your attitude about yourself – an inner belief that is truly life-altering and confidence-building … the kind of belief that gives you goosebumps.  

I want all of our days to be filled with goose-bumps. If yours aren’t…you’re not living your life big enough. I want you to live your life big.  How? Believe in Yourself!  It’s your attitude that allows you to make your day!

When I first started my radio show, I began using that phrase as my signature sign-off and will continue to do so.  

I hope you will join me in spreading this message to people of all ages.

A Positive Attitude Creates Success!

Keeping with my personal mission of increasing the number of people who realize the control they have over their own happiness, I want to share some very exciting news.

For years, researches felt that a positive attitude reflects success, that once your life is good, you’ll have a positive outlook. Experts now know that it is the exact opposite…positivity produces success.

We all know people who are downers…woe is me-types. Have you ever noticed that they usually have a lot to be down about? And, we all know people who are chipper, happy, always smiling- ever notice that they often have a lot to be chipper, and smile, about? See the connection? Think about it…make a mental list of folks in your life…see the connection between their attitudes, mindsets, and their realities, and…guess which one came first.

A positive attitude creates a successful life. And, the exciting aspect of that now known fact is that we have power and control over our thoughts and attitudes! Use it to your advantage! Create a successful and happy life!